Counter non-support of browsers by migrating Flash to HTML5 with easy using MigrateEazy

Future proof your courses

Adobe Flash is dropped from all popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE and Edge. It's no secret all other browsers will phase out support for Adobe's Flash software soon. Your users will have to activate Flash manually on browsers currently supporting Flash.

Learning developers may not have the resources or HTML5 skills to convert the courseware manually. This is a huge challenge to every organization who still has Flash courses in use. Not anymore!

MigrateEazy solutions will ensure easy migration of legacy eLearning courses built in Flash to HTML5. This is a highly flexible and agile solution to migrate legacy eLearning courses easily for HTML5 delivery. Irrespective of the legacy authoring tool used for your course development, MigrateEazy will help you develop the HTML5 version of the course easily by mapping the right templates to your existing content without compromising on the required functionalities.

The repository of templates in MigrateEazy will ensure the migration of your legacy Flash content to HTML5 is a smooth process with aesthetically appealing learner experience, cost-effective designs and modern layouts.

Our solutions include

Authoring Tools

Tool based migration

We support Flash to HTML5 conversion using popular authoring tools viz., Storyline, Lectora, Captivate and Adapt Learning.

Responsive courses

Responsive courses

Using authoring tool or Custom HTML5 framework, we deliver responsive learning and performance support interventions for multiple devices.


Supported devices

The converted courses will support varied form factors and orientations across platforms and devices (PC, Tablets and Smartphones in Windows, iOS and Android).

Faster turnaround

Faster turnaround

With this solution, you will be able to turnaround the migrated course in less than a week

Our Expertise

Our expertise

Whether it is a straightforward requirement such as Flash to HTML5 migration or ground up approach, our strategy team will come up with the right approach for you.

Our team of experienced instructional and usability specialists will work closely with your team to create cost effective yet instructionally, visually and functionally rich designs to meet your project requirements.

Our team are well-versed with HTML5 based conversions - be it changes to the user interface, graphics or content treatment. You name it; we have it!


We can migrate legacy Flash courses to HTML5 by using either a tool of your choice or various authoring tools listed below:

Adobe CS6

Experience it for free!

We shall turnaround a Proof of Concept using your legacy course free of cost to provide you a first-hand experience of our solution.

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