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Are you getting the full benefits of Mobile Learning?

Timeliness, proximity, versatility - these are among the key measures of today's high-impact learning organization, mLearning plays a critical role in helping organizations meet the demands of these measures.

- David Mallon

Mobile Learning is quickly becoming the preferred mode of knowledge transfer over traditional eLearning.

  • Do your employees spend more time in training impacting their productivity negatively?
  • Do you want your employees to learn at their own pace by accessing micro-learning units than going through long eLearning modules?
  • Are you facing difficulty in running your courses on any browser or device?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then you are yet to benefit fully from mLearning.

Research analytics in L&D indicate the worldwide market for mobile learning products and services reached $5.3 billion in 2012. This global market is estimated to reach $12.2 billion by 2017 with a compound annual growth rate of 18.2%.

Mobile learning continues to be popular, because it is both cost-effective and versatile in the following ways compared to traditional eLearning:

Enhance learning

Enhanced learning that leads to better performance

Learners prefer learning methods that are in sync with their daily activities. This in-time and need-based learning mechanism leads to high quality performance at workplace in terms of solving problems, performing specific tasks or enhancing skills quickly.

Multi-device learning

Multi-device learning that promotes learning flexibility

Learners can access courses on a device of their choice and also learn at their own pace. This flexibility makes learning more engaging and intuitive. It also helps employers to embrace BYOD strategy.


Micro-learning that facilitate in-time, on the job training delivery

Learners on the move prefer shorter learning units that cater to their learning needs at the moment. These short learning units can facilitate in-time training using videos, games, assessments and practice exercises.

To know the differences between mobile-learning and micro-learning, and how we can add value to your mobile course development, read more

Mobile learning is not just desktop eLearning in miniature.

It will be simplistic to think mLearning as a new delivery method for eLearning, because the "m" in mLearning can denote both "mobile" and "micro".

m = Mobile and/or Micro

The mobile aspect of mLearning is much more than referring to a portable device or backstage delivery technology. This mobility also demands a different approach to learning design and development that facilitates both self-learning and group learning

The micro-learning aspect of mLearning makes it quite different from eLearning in regards to content presentation, assessment and user interactivity. As mLearning can happen anywhere and anytime, it employs L&D strategies different from that used for traditional eLearning in which a single learner sits and interacts with a computer for long period of time.

Considering these nuances of mLearning, our mobile learning experts will work closely with your team to ensure you avail the full benefits of mLearning as follows:

Enhancing learner experience using mLearning

Our LXD experts will understand and capture your requirements before employing suitable mobile learning strategies to develop courses. This will provide optimal learner experience in terms of engaging interactivity and user-friendly functionality. Our project management team will ensure successful course delivery on time and within budget.

Creating responsive courses for multi-device delivery

We develop responsive courses for multi-device delivery (PC, Tablet and Smartphones) using our Custom HTML5 framework. We have created this robust framework using core HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We can customize this framework as per your specific requirements for deployment.

Using authoring tool of your choice

We offer mLearning course development using the authoring tool of your choice. Our current expertise of authoring tools is listed below:

Adobe CS6

Samples of our mLearning courses


Active Listening





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