Moodle now dominates the sector just as Google dominates the search engine market.

- Dr Geoff Elliott

Moodle LMS can make your training rollout a success at much lower cost compared to Enterprise or Large LMS.

  • Do you want to automate and centralize training delivery and management at low cost?
  • Are you interested in using an LMS that cuts training costs and improves employee efficiency?
  • Do you want the LMS to be easily customizable, flexible, and feature-rich?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then you should explore how Moodle LMS can benefit your organization.

When Dr Geoff Elliott compared Moodle to Google in his editorial back in 2010, Moodle was dominating the market. Moodle still holds the leadership position which crossed 100 Million users globally. It has been helping organizations globally to rollout training and educational programs systematically, track learners' progress and take necessary remediation for enhancing learners' performance.

Moodle LMS continues to be popular, because it is open source, cost-effective and versatile compared to an Enterprise LMSs in the following ways:

Open Source and free

Moodle LMS is available free of cost, and can be deployed swiftly. Any organization or individual can install, run, share and modify the open source software to meet their specific needs. This makes it the highly affordable and full-fledged LMS for any organization or individual.

Simple and easy to manage courses and users

The user interface of Moodle LMS is so easy for both users and administrators to take/manage courses. Adding or discarding a feature can be done easily to meet users' needs.

Flexibility to build reports for better analytics

Moodle LMS is highly flexible to allow plug-ins for creating any specific reporting format, tracking learners' performance (overall or individual user), and taking timely remediation measures. Also, it facilitates better collaboration among the users.

Though Moodle LMS is an open source platform, it does require some skillset to configure them to function the way one wants. This is where we bring in our expertise and assist you through the implementation of customized Moodle LMS.

Our professional team has years of experience and the required skills in make Moodle LMS your proprietary LMS. As a result, we ensure that the training rollout and management are smooth processes.

Our LMS experts will work closely with your team in the following ways to ensure you maximize the benefits of Moodle LMS and make your training rollouts smooth and successful:

Customize the LMS as per your needs.

Customize the LMS as per your needs

Our LMS experts will understand and capture your requirements to customize the Moodle LMS as per your branding. They will configure Moodle features for your teams' comfortable using and easy collaborative work.

We will assist you in getting the most out of your LMS investment.

Assist you in getting the most out of your LMS investment

We will assist you to make the Moodle LMS an integral system that creates better employee engagement and helps you to measure improvement in employee performance.

Hassle free hosting, support and training.

Hassle free hosting, support and training

We will host the Moodle LMS on your behalf on a secure server. We shall provide relevant training and support to your team to ensure the management of the LMS is seamless.


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