Our experience at #LT18 expo

After attending the Learning Technologies expo in London this year, I am excited and am keen to share my thoughts.

Every time I attend Learning Technologies expo, there is something new to learn, gain insights into new areas, and learn about the latest learning approaches. This year was quite exciting to find about the newer technologies being offered by all the key and old players. There was also exciting stuff offered by newer players.

The conference continued to be a good mix as I met with friendly people, enjoyed the collaborative environment with senior industry thought leaders. The host of the expo, Learning Technologies, as always, had a great team on the ground that managed all aspects of the expo be it the reception area with helpful staff, concurrent sessions and exhibition area on both the days.

Coming to the sessions, I managed to attend quite a few that covered emerging technologies, behavioral change, virtual and augmented reality, social learning, simulations and games. I also managed to attend the insightful session on AI, Microlearning and predictive analytics. It would have been great if I could have attended other sessions also.

As part of Tesseract Learning team, it was great to know that we are on the right track. I got to validate a lot of strategies and solutions that we have been delivering recently to customers after listening to thought leaders. Some ideas shared helped me to challenge understanding on newer technologies and training approaches.

As a learning design solution provider, our aim is to constantly be on our toes by using latest techniques in engaging the learners meaningfully. I could gather some newer techniques in delivering courses and it was quite helpful.

Along with the great speakers, the expo had leading learning companies exhibiting their products. The companies included but not limited to Adobe, Leo Learning, Kineo, CrossKnowledge, Kallidus, Cornerstone, SumTotal, Skillsoft, Fuse, Articulate, dominKnow, Docebo, Acteon, Safety Media, eLearning Brothers, LinkedIn Learning, SiyonaTech, MTD Training and several others who showcased their latest offerings.

I would conclude by thanking the organisers as it helped us establish strategic partnership with various leading organisations. I am looking forward to the next that is the 2019 edition of the conference - I heard it will be at the new venue, ExCel!!!

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Suresh Kumar DN

Tesseract Learning Pvt Ltd

Suresh is a learning professional with 14 years of experience in strategizing and providing learning solutions for varied customer requirements. He works with several global customers to understand their learning and training needs and propose optimal learning solutions to enhance employees’ performance.