format_quoteCreativity, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, decision making, risk taking, all are found in game-based learning.format_quote

- Mark Grundel

Game-based eLearning and gamification solutions, when implemented correctly, has better impact on learners than sugar-coated gaming interventions. Gamification in corporate training improves the employee engagement to the learning content by using engaging activities and interactions which in turn boost productivity of employees. This helps organizations achieve business and training goals in more effective manner compared to traditional eLearning methods.

Boost Productivity

Studies, in the field of cognitive sciences, reveal that games have a remarkable ability to engage long-term memory. A second critical factor is that games stimulate the learners’ mind by requiring them to perform multiple numerous tasks simultaneously.

We believe that game-based elearning and gamification solutions, driven by action-centric approach instead of content-centric approach, will make the learning more effective and memorable. In action-centric game, learners perform meaningful actions instead of earning points just for the sake of it.

Productivity boost

Enhance learner experience using game-based eLearning

Our game-based eLearning or Gamification in corporate training deliver more value for performance enhancements in the following ways:

brightness_1We believe in a "Customized Approach" to game-based elearning

Instructional designers tend to add games in courses to make these more interesting. Sometimes, assessments are gamified to make it more “fun”. Doing something for the sake of doing will never yield the right results. We believe in game thinking which means we provide a solution by asking the right questions. The gamification solution should help learner understand the content better and lead to better performance.

brightness_1Action-centric approach calls for meaningful actions by the learners leading to effective learning

When developing a gamification solution, we ask ourselves, "Will this work in improving learners' performance?" "Will the learners think that the content has only been sugar-coated by meaningless games?" We focus on the actions that learners will perform while taking the course rather than the content itself. This approach has helped learners perform better.

game based eLearning

brightness_1Game-based eLearning that works on various devices

With the power of Mobile learning increasing day by day, it is imperative that learners can access games on different devices, such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. Gamification in corporate training should incorporate this aspect of mobile accessibility.

Our professional team consists of learning specialists who can create the right game-based eLearning and gamification solutions. We have years of experience in understanding the needs, audience and the context for suitable game-based eLearning interventions. To bring the game-based training into life, our learning strategists are ably supported by a team of expert illustrators, visualizers and designers.


  • Food Processing demo

    Food Processing

    The customer wanted to train their employees on various aspects of food processing from sourcing of the food to delivery of packaged products. Instead of a traditional course, we recommended creating a game with features such as avatar selection, scoring, points, levels, leaderboard and badges and made the whole game experience fun for the learners.

  • Gamified assessments

    Gamified Assessments

    The customer wanted to create awareness on certain aspects of their processes and products. We recommended a game after the course to help learners refresh their knowledge. The game was designed as a car game with questions appearing at check posts. The game has scoring, points and lives.

  • Application training

    Risk Management

    The customer wanted to train their employees on the various aspects of their risk management application. We suggested creating a game which had scenarios, scoring, levels, unique activities and interactions that would make the learning interesting and engaging. The game created the required impact.